Web Accessibility Testing Tools

A variety of tools are available to assist with accessibility evaluation efforts.  The IT Accessibility group at Iowa maintains this list as a service to developers and other stakeholders; please contact todd-weissenberger@uiowa.edu to make suggestions or report changes to items listed here.


Siteimprove is the University of Iowa's enterprise solution for website quality assurance. Any staff member who manages, supports, or provides content to University websites may request an account.

Visit the University of Iowa Siteimprove Wiki page

Download the Siteimprove Browser Extension (Chrome)

Functional Accessibility Evaluator (University of Illinois)

The Functional Accessibility Evaluator measures accessibility against the standards of the OpenAjax Evaluation Library and Rulesets. University of Iowa staff members can run free scans of up to 25 pages. The AInspector WCAG browser plug-in lets you check individual pages on the fly.

Functional Accessibility Evaluator (Single Sign-in)

AInspector WCAG Browser Plug-in

Other Browser Plug-ins and Extensions

Other Design and Assessment Tools

Screen Readers

Canvas/ICON Accessibility

Disability Simulators

You can also assess the functionality of your site using manual tasks, keyboard testing, and other methods. View a model testing protocol.