A website accessibility test is a means of evaluating the accessibility of your website.  Because many accessibility principles reflect standard design processes and practices, site accessibility assessments can provide value beyond WCAG compliance. In short,valuation and testing are critical to the success of your accessibility efforts. A robust testing process can help you to identify and correct any issues that might pose access barriers to your users.

Site accessibility assessments should occur at appropriate intervals throughout a website's lifecycle, but may be most useful in the early phases of the design process, when it is relatively easy to develop and manage site features at a global level.  Early implementation of accessible development principles can significantly increase access and improve usability for all users.  After deployment, site assessment can play a role in identifying maintenance and management tasks, and determining when the site is due for tweaks, high-level maintenance, or a complete reboot.

This section offers a list of tools and techniques for evaluating and improving the accessibility of your website.  These suggestions are derived from a variety of well-known sources and describe practices commonly associated with accessibility efforts.  Designers, developers, and site owners are encouraged to explore other accessibility resources, as well.