Evaluation and testing are critical to the success of your accessibility efforts. A variety of tools and techniques exist to help you assess the accessibility of your site, and to remediate, correct and adjust where necessary. Remember, accessibility is more like gardening than like construction--it is a continual process with the goal of moving ever closer to a product that can be used effectively by all.

A variety of tools are available to assist with accessibility evaluation efforts.  Web Accessibility Focus maintains this list as a service to developers and other stakeholders; please contact Todd Weissenberger ( to make suggestions or report changes to items listed here.Some accessibility issues can be assessed automatically, using software; others must be assessed manually. The resources on this page point to a variety of tools and techniques to help you assess and understand the accessibility of your site.

Online Assessment Tools

Assessment Tools for Mozilla Firefox

Assessment Tools for Microsoft Internet Explorer

Assistive Technology/Screen Readers

You can also assess the functionality of your site using manual tasks, keyboard testing, and other methods.