Monday, November 11, 2019

CART Captions

The most reliable way to caption live online events isto use a third-party CART captioning vendor or similar service. Captioning services provide accurate,  high-quality rendering of speech and audio content in real-time interactions like live meetings, lectures, webinars, breakout rooms, presentations, and discussions.

If you have received a formal request for captioning accommodation, human-generated CART captions are a necessity. You should also consider real-time, human-generated CART captions when:

  • you are aware that a participant has a hearing impairment, even if they have not requested accommodation;
  • your live event is open to the public;
  • you have more than 50 participants attending your real-time online event

The university has approved 2020Captioning as a vendor of CART captioning and ASL interpretation services. For assistance with CART or ASL services schedule a consultation with the Digital and IT Accessibility group.

Automated Captions

If CART captions are not available, hosts should use automated real-time captioning features and provide a corrected transcript as soon after the event as possible. Captions generated using Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) are generally less accurate than human-generated captions and should not be used to fulfill a formal accommodation request. However, automated generated captions are a better option than none at all.

If you are recording your session, you will need to edit your automated captions for content and accuracy.

Automated real-time captions are available in Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.