Social media offers a great way to share your message with an engaged and interested audience. This section offers some suggestions on how to improve your social media connections by sharing more accessible online content.

Download Accessibility@IOWA: Social Media (PDF)

Tips for providing more accessible social media

As with other digital formats, real, machine-readable text is the most reliable way to convey your message to the most users. Images of text, simulated text, and media must be accompanied by a standard text equivalent.

  • Avoid alternate font creators
  • Define any acronyms on first use
  • Use PascalCase for #Hashtags and @Mentions
  • Use emojis sparingly, and at the end of your post

As with other digital formats, images embedded in social media can present barriers to access for a variety of visitors. Images in social media must be accompanied by descriptive alternative text.

  • Provide descriptive ALT text for all images
  • For images that provide timely or critical information (such as event flyers), provide complete information in your primary post
  • Describe complex images (infographics) in your post or link to an accessible version

  • Make sure your color palette allows for sufficient color contrast and differentiation
  • Use a color contrast checker to determine whether two colors have sufficient contrast
  • Do not use color as the only means of describing or identifying an object

Captions make for a better online media experience for users in a variety of situations.

  • Add captions or transcripts with embedded digital media
  • Link to captioned digital media in YouTube, Vimeo, Panopto, or similar services

  • Different social media channels are designed for different purposes. Be aware of platform limitations and leverage the respective strengths of different channels.
  • Include as much information as possible in your social media posts
  • Provide links to a website or similar channel with complete, accessible information
  • Provide email and contact information prominently in all of your social channels