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The University of Iowa is committed to providing information technology and systems that are accessible to all users, including users with disabilities and users of assistive technologies. In support of this commitment, the University maintains a Web Accessibility Policy, along with standards and practices that define a minimum degree of accessibility.

Housed within the Information Security and Policy Office (ISPO), the IT Accessibility Group provides assistance with policy and technical guidelines, training, consultation, and advocacy for accessibility efforts at Iowa. The IT Accessibility group works closely with numerous offices and individuals on the Iowa campus to pursue equivalent opportunity and access to all. Our campus partners include:

  • Student Disability Services
  • Faculty/Staff Disability Services
  • ADA Coordinator: Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity
  • The Iowa Center for Assistive Technology Education and Research
  • University General Counsel

Accessibility is a consideration in every area of Information Technology. Web design, application development, technology procurement, project management, technical support, and social media are just some areas of electronic and information technology that we must approach with accessibility in mind.


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    Producing digital content with accessibility in mind helps colleges, departments, and other business units to make sure online information is accessible to everyone, including users with disabilities and users of assistive technology.
    A gauge points to a 40% level
    The IT Accessibility Group will perform automated accessibility testing of UI websites twice in Academic Year 2019-2020. The first series of accessibility scans will take place from December 6, 2019 through January 4, 2020. These results will be archived as baseline values for a second round of scans to occur in March 2020.