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Web Accessibility Assessment and Authoring Resources

During a period of Online Immersion, web accessibility is more important than ever. University of Iowa Web Contacts are encouraged to adopt more accessible authoring practices, to self-assess, and to make web accessibility a priority.

Learn about web accessibility techniques, tools, and resources.

Accessibility Consultation and Assistance is available

The IT Accessibility Group is available to assist with any issues directly or indirectly related to IT and digital accessibility.

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Resources for Accessibility and Online Immersion

Accessibility 101: Accessibility and Online Immersion is intended to serve as a resource for instructors and others who need to design, build, or migrate courses for online delivery.  The goal of this site is not to offer a comprehensive guide to online teaching, but to offer tips, techniques, and resources to help instructors manage accessibility in their online courses.
Audience: Instructors, staff, students, anyone who uses technology

Remote Learning for Students: A collaborative accessibility resource provided by our friends at the University of Michigan and Michigan State University to support students in their transition to online learning.
Audience: Students, instructors, Student Disability Services

The University of Iowa is committed to providing information technology and systems that are accessible to all users, including users with disabilities and users of assistive technologies. In support of this commitment, the University maintains a Web Accessibility Policy, along with standards and practices that define a minimum degree of accessibility.

Housed within the Information Security and Policy Office (ISPO), the IT Accessibility Group provides assistance with policy and technical guidelines, training, consultation, and advocacy for accessibility efforts at Iowa. The IT Accessibility group works closely with numerous offices and individuals on the Iowa campus to pursue equivalent opportunity and access to all. Our campus partners include:

  • Student Disability Services
  • Faculty/Staff Disability Services
  • ADA Coordinator: Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity
  • The Iowa Center for Assistive Technology Education and Research
  • University General Counsel

Accessibility is a consideration in every area of Information Technology. Web design, application development, technology procurement, project management, technical support, and social media are just some areas of electronic and information technology that we must approach with accessibility in mind.


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    Producing digital content with accessibility in mind helps colleges, departments, and other business units to make sure online information is accessible to everyone, including users with disabilities and users of assistive technology.