The resources on this page are recommended for all instructors, in order to help improve the accessibility of all instructional materials.  While no tool or process can give a 100% guarantee of accessibility, the resources listed below are effective ways to improve the accessibility of new and existing content.

Accessibility 101 training

Accessibility 101, developed by the Big Ten Academic Alliance IT Accessibility Group, provides a broad overview of technology issues faced by people with disabilities in higher education. The training is freely available to anyone, regardless of their affiliation with the University or Big Ten Academic Alliance.  This training helps instructors to understand many of the needs of persons with disabilities.

Access the Accessibility 101 course

Microsoft Office

Microsoft offers video training on accessibility for the following tools:
•    Word
•    Excel
•    PowerPoint
•    Outlook

Visit the Microsoft Office accessibility page

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe offers accessibility resources for Acrobat and PDF authoring.

Visit the Adobe Acrobat accessibility page