For viewers who have low hearing or who are deaf, captions and transcripts make it possible to perceive dialogue, understand background sounds, and otherwise experience the audio track of digital media. Captions and transcripts also provide information for people in loud or distracting environments, English language learners, people with low literacy, and others.

  • Ensure that captions are available whenever they are needed.
  • Provide captions with public media. You can obtain captions from a third-party (,, or create captions in-house with YouTube, Camtasia, or other tools. If you acquire automatic captions, be sure to correct them before publishing.
  • For video, provide synchronized captions.
  • For audio-only media such as a podcast, provide a text transcript.
  • Ensure that captions and transcripts include speaker identification and punctuation.
  • If someone else is creating your media, make sure they provide captions.