Can't get away for an hour?  Take 10 and try one of the following GAAD challenges.

Take the #NoMouse Challenge

Visit the NoMouse Challenge page (, presented by the University of Washington. Follow a few simple steps to better understand how your technology can impede or empower people who don't use a mouse to operate their technology offerings.

Try a Screen Reader

NVDA (Non-Visual Desktop Access) is a free as in speech tool that presents content and interface information to users through accessibility APIs. Download a copy from and run it against your tech offerings.  Tutorial at

Mac user? VoiceOver is just waiting for you.  Just press Cmd+F5 to see what it will do.  More info at

JAWS 40-minute downloads are available at  Give it a try.

Take a tutorial on

Lynda has a whole category of accessibility tutorials. View the accessibility list at

Review the UI Web Accessibility policy

The UI Web Accessibility policy will update soon. For now, it's at  Questions?  Email

Visit one of our partners

The IT Accessibility Group isn't the only accessibility advocate on campus.  Visit our partners at any of the following sites: