An Equally Effective Alternate Access Plan (EEAAP) is an agreement to provide equivalent access, and a blueprint for doing so. The EEAAP describes how a department or business unit plans to address accessibility barriers resulting from the use of less-than-accessible technology systems. As part of the EEAAP, the unit also must engage with the vendor or supplier to determine when and how the technology system can be made accessible.

PDF iconEEAAP Template (PDF Form)

FileEEAAP Template (Microsoft Word)

What’s in an EEAAP

A standard EEAAP includes the following elements:

  • Information about the inaccessible technology (e.g., vendor, title, contact info)
  • Description of accessibility barrier or other potential issues
  • Who might be affected by the accessibility barrier or other potential issues, and why
  • Person, role, or party responsible for providing alternate accesss
  • How alternate access will be provided
  • Resources required to provide alternate access
  • Remediation or repair information
  • Timeline to address unforeseen events

When to create an Equally Effective Alternate Access Plan

An EEAAP may be appropriate in several scenarios. Create an EEAAP if:

  • Your technology is in wide use, and particularly if the technology is public facing
  • Your technology is required for classroom, program, or other participation
  • You will distribute or employ the technology for multiple semesters or years
  • You are unable to obtain accessible technology that meets your needs
  • You identify a potential accessibility barrier in your current technology