Captioning with

One way to provide captions is through the captioning service at provides captioning services and products that are compatible with a variety of University-supported media strategies.  For service costs, please visit their website:

Captioning your video file with is a straightforward process:

  • Browse to
  • Select the "Get Started " button
  • Create your caption order by providing a copy of your media to
    • Upload video files in the Filepicker
    • Provide a URL for a video that's already online
    • Import a video file from your YouTube account
  • Select a caption format (How do I select a captioning format?)
  • Provide any other information, such as vocabulary/spelling lists, speaker names, song titles, etc.
  • Enter your payment information
  • Submit your order

After the captioning is complete—generally within 72 hours—you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your caption file(s).  It is recommended that you review the captions manually before publishing them to your media server.

For specific guidance on uploading caption files to University media services, view the support page for the media service or email