A person participates in a Zoom meeting with live captions
Closeup of a user participating in a Zoom session on a laptop

Captioning Live Events

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Live online events should be accompanied by real-time captions. The most reliable way to caption live online events is to use a third-party CART captioning vendor or similar service. Captioning services provide accurate, high-quality rendering of speech and audio content in real-time interactions like live meetings, lectures, webinars, breakout rooms, presentations, and discussions

If a CART captioning service is not available, hosts should use automated real-time captioning features and provide a corrected transcript as soon after the event as possible.

Live Captioning in Zoom

  • To provide captions, Closed Captions must be enabled in the account that is hosting the event
  • The host may provide captions or assign this role to a meeting participant
  • Some third-party captioning providers require access to the captioning API Token immediately before the meeting starts
  • Zoom captions may be saved for editing and review but may not be suitable for posting with a recording of the meeting
  • Presenters are responsible for captioning costs

For more information, or to schedule captioning for a Zoom event, please visit the IT Accessibility Support Portal.