Compliance Sheriff results summary view

After comparing your site’s structure and content against the checkpoints, the application generates a report that you can use to guide your remediation efforts. The report includes a summary that you can access by following the health score link on your Scans tab. In the summary, you can find:

  • information about the scan: number of pages, elapsed time, number of checkpoints, etc.
  • the number of detected violations, warnings, manual checks, and passes
  • the Top 10 checkpoints cited in the scan
  • the Top 10 issues detected by the scan
  • the 10 most affected pages
  • any recent results you have revised
  • a health score, calculated by Compliance Sheriff and rendered as a percentage value

You can also open the Revise Results wizard and Full Details views from this screen.

Although the Health Score is featured prominently, it is only an indicator. For best results, focus on the Priority 1 Failures first, then lower-level failures, and then warnings and visual checks.