Scans Overview

A scan is simply a set of parameters that Compliance Sheriff uses to define the checkpoints and scope of your site assessment.

Compliance Sheriff scans view. Arrows indicate location of scnas tab and health scores

Once you have logged in to the application, navigate to the Scans panel using the Scans tab. You will see only to the scans to which you have access.

This view includes a number of fields.

  • Scan: The name of the scan, nothing more.
  • Base URL: The root address of the resource addressed by the scan; the file path is not exposed in this view.
  • Last Run Completed: Date and time the scan was last run.
  • Pages: The number of pages included in the scan.
  • Status: Running, Aborted, or Complete.
  • Health: A percentage value intended to provide a sense of your site’s overall status. This number should be viewed as a general indicator of your site’s accessibility, not as a conclusive value.

Follow any Health Score to view the report for that scan.