Compliance Sheriff evaluates your website against approximately 60 checkpoints to determine conformance with WCAG 2.0, Level AA.

Compliance Sheriff checkpoint. Script shows requirements for accessible tables per sufficient technique H63

To understand your Compliance Sheriff reports, you need to understand the criteria that Compliance Sheriff evaluates. Compliance Sheriff uses a library checks your website or application against a library of checkpoints. The checkpoints are scripts that describe specific accessibility practices, map these practices to WCAG 2.0, Level AA, and determine a level of conformance. This process occurs for every element in your scan selection.

Checkpoints vary by severity. The highest level of severity is a violation, which must be corrected, as it is likely to present a barrier to some users. Some checkpoints result in warnings, which are less severe than violations, but which still require attention. Some checkpoints call for manual checking, where a human user examines an element to determine conformance with an applicable standard.

The University of Iowa uses a modified version of the WCAG 2.0. Level AA checkpoints.


  • If a webpage includes an image that lacks the ALT attribute, Compliance Sheriff registers a violation of the ALT text rule for that image.
  • If a webpage uses headings (h1-h6) that are not properly nested, Compliance Sheriff registers a violation of the nested headings rule for each instance of incorrectly nested headings.
  • If a webpage uses forms without submit buttons, Compliance Sheriff registers a warning of the submit buttons rule for each affected form in the page.
  • If a webpage uses data tables without header cells, Compliance registers a violation of the table markup rule for that table.