What is Compliance Sheriff?

Compliance Sheriff by Cyxtera is the University of Iowa’s enterprise application for automated web accessibility assessment. Compliance Sheriff provides automated scanning of University websites, and generates reports and actionable data on the accessibility of those sites.

The primary purpose of Compliance Sheriff is to yield accessibility information about University websites. The IT Accessibility Group uses this data to track, report on, and provide advisement on campus accessibility. The data is also available to website contacts to support accessibility efforts at unit and departmental levels.

How does Compliance Sheriff work?

Compliance Sheriff spiders or “scans” your website, and assesses your site’s code and structure against a library of accessibility checkpoints, guidelines, and techniques. The results of this scan produce a dataset of accessibility failures, warnings, and other findings. The IT Accessibility group tracks this data by individual sites and in aggregate, and provides accessibility reports to appropriate campus stakeholders.
You can act upon this information to address and remediate accessibility deficits in your website.

Who can use Compliance Sheriff?

Compliance Sheriff is available to web liaisons who have completed a Compliance Sheriff introductory session, offered monthly, or completed the Compliance Sheriff module in ICON.

How do I access the results of my Compliance Sheriff scan?

Compliance Sheriff scan results are available to registered users of the Compliance Sheriff application. Navigation to the SCANS tab provides access to all of the information regarding your scans, as well as each scan’s summary information, Top 10 panels, Full Results, and Revise Results Wizard.

How do I interpret the results of my Compliance Sheriff scan?

The most useful way to act on your Compliance Sheriff scan is to review the Scan Summary by following the “Health” link for your scan. The goal of your Compliance Sheriff scan is not to achieve a 100% Health value, but to identify and address accessibility failures and warnings that may present barriers to your website users.

The Summary includes statistical information about your scan, an overview of results, and a trendline describing your site’s results over time. Also in the Summary, the Top 10 panels will identify the most common checkpoint failures in your site, how these failures translate into accessibility barriers, and which pages or nodes are most affected.

For a listing and description of all issues discovered in your site, follow the “View Full Details” button. This view also lists the location of checkpoint failures so you can quickly correct individual issues.

What does my Compliance Sheriff “Health Score” mean?

The “Health Score” is the result of an algorithmic assessment of issues discovered in your website, and should not be taken as the final indicator of your site’s overall accessibility.
The most relevant results of a Compliance Sheriff scan are Failures and Warnings; these are viewed within Compliance Sheriff Summary and Results views, and should form the basis of your remediation efforts.

How can I create scans for additional websites?

The IT Accessibility Group can create additional Compliance Sheriff scans, pending capacity. To learn more, or to request additional scans, please complete the Compliance Sheriff Site Enrollment Form in UI Workflow.

How can I scan a single page?

Single-page scoring is not supported in the current Compliance Sheriff workflow. For single-page testing options, visit itaccessibility.uiowa.edu/testing/SPAs.

Can I change the details of a scan?

Custom scans will be addressed on a case by case basis. For more information, please contact Todd Weissenberger (todd-weissenberger@uiowa.edu).