Add Captions One way to provide captions is by leveraging subtitle and captioning tools on YouTube. YouTube provides numerous tools to transcribe, edit, synchronize, and publish video captions. You can also import existing captions and transcripts into YouTube's captioning tools.
Captioning (and audio transcripts) rely on clean text transcripts that accurately reflect the content of the audio tracks they accompany. A text transcript can suffice for delivery alongside an audio file, such as a podcast or MP3. A user can read the transcript when the audio is unavailable.
DIY Captions For some projects, it may make sense to create and apply your own captions. Do-It-Yourself captioning requires patience, skill, and planning, but if you need to do the job in-house, consider this do-it-yourself workflow.
ARIA landmarks define logical, semantic roles for regions of a web page. Landmarks help users of assistive technologies to identify and understand the purpose of  a document region, and to make informed choice to read the content in the region or to move quickly to another region.
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